Na-tive- being the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being
Nat-tive – remaining or growing in a natural state; found in nature rather than produced artificially



Relearning our primal movement patterns squatting lunging pushing pulling bending lifting throwing and connecting with nature whether trailing through the jungle, moving through the waves or bounding across the sand.



Fresh local produce based on your individual nutritional needs, so whether your metabolism functions better on an equator or polar way of eating, we get back to basics. Our cook provides sumptuous nutritious options, freshly grown or bought from the local markets and fishermen.
Those wishing to choose vegetarian options will also be well catered for.

From the rugged landscapes of Scotland to the beautiful sandstone cliffs of the Algarve, there is a native way… a way to eat and a way to move, a way to play and a way to rest

We have perhaps lost this in our high tech disposable world we now inhabit. We believe in integrating this back into our lives now, for improved wellbeing and vitality…


Martial arts help us with confidence and protection in our environment



A time to relax the body and mind… but your choice; from massage, to walking, meditation, or the chance to work on your goals with one of our coaches, connecting with nature or simply having a few afternoon zzzzs

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